Steam is learning…

This is an article in the ‘Behind the scenes’ category where I shed some light on what it takes to make games. I warn you: they are real, these articles might discourage you to develop games yourself.

Since the June 2018 update of Steam there are some updates to counter mis-use of tradingcards and achievements. That is because of a select group of ‘poisonous developers’ (not my words) that use the system for things it is not ment for.

I like it when Steam tries to balance things out. They have special trained algorithms in place that will redirect users to to games they will like. Even in a crowded store.

But now this algorithm has marked my game…

screenshot find the gnome store page achievements issue small.PNG

It obviously is an evil mark because it is a mark of something fishy that’s the algorithm thinks is going on with my game.

But what can I do about this mark? To me it seems as that my game indeed correlates to the games that misuse the system, but there is no real connection at all. (And you could know if you read my posts that there is no intent whatsoever to do those ‘poisinous’ things)

I don’t have the power to change this system, nor do I have the time to improve my game to up the distance to ‘those cheap games’…

So I’ll leave you with this so you all know the background to this mark on my game.
Sometimes it is just better to let it go.

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