Beyond survivor-ship bias

I waited long before entering the game dev scene. For a long time I thought “well, maybe I’m not ready yet” and then another year passed by. But over time I got inspired by success stories of little studios making a name for themselves.

There are a lot of inspiring stories out there, like ‘Indie Games: The movie’, Minecraft (1 person hit, sold for 2 billion, still nr 1 game after many years), Stardew Valley (1 developer) or the many other stories that are on YouTube.

I don’t want to spoil the fun, and get demotivated, by stories like ‘for that 1 person to succeed 1000 others are failing’. But I do like to look at those stories from multiple perspectives. Therefore I have collected a mix YouTube video’s for inspiration purpose and the down-to-earth calls.

The stories

An down-to-earth article (2018) on how to run a sustainable Indie studio:

And a 2019 follow up on this video, with a lot of helpful stuff for starting game dev business (aside from the realistic perspective they give on game dev):

The next video (2016) was the most inspiring one to me to get me started. To me the numbers is presented proved to me my model would work. My idea was that if you just start by working on necessary thing each day you will eventually build up something after some time:

I personally wanted to get a stable job after leaving school because I wanted to settle together with my wife. But even in 2010 a lot of people were hoping to hit big time themselves. A few tips for them (This one is from 2018):

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