Bi-Weekly update – 1

Progress on: Gearful

We have decided to give Gearful a finishing touch, fix some low hanging fruit, and bring the game to Android (mobile). ‘Gearful’ is a game that Tom, Ben and I made during the GlobalGameJam last Januari.

GIF of current gameplay on mobile

Things that have been taken care of past 2 weeks are: level management, mobile UI, dependency injection (Extenject), Mobile optimization: URP.

I really like to hear from you if you have idea’s on how to improve this game, especially the visual part because it is my major weakness!

Business side: GameFeelings

I have come to the conclusion that I posses skills that are of value in the game dev industry, but I lack much needed industry specific experience. That’s why I have decided to boost my experience by committing to a variation of projects with a short timespan (1 month to 3 months) for the coming year. After a year I think I have a good understanding of where to go next.

My current project is to polish Gearful and get it out on mobile on March the 21th.


There are a few more ways now to follow my progress. Twitter and Insta have been added. I will post something about my progress every day I work on a project for GameFeelings!

Link to Twitter
Link to Instagram

And that brings me to a question I have for you: can you share advise with me on what content to post and how to post it? This is actually the first time I’m using those socials… 😛

For those that are more into the ‘slow’ media, I made some articles the past 2 weeks. Especially this article is worth reading.

Business side: Erik de Roos Software

During my working week most of the time I spend is on freelance work as a software engineer. That is roughly 80% of my time spend during the week.

Strukton Systems Hengelo

I’m currently on a project for Strukton. Things are going well with the project. Only downside is the daily commute, it keeps taking up a large amount of my mental energy and I keep wasting 2 hours/day of time on this traveling.

The bright side is that I am always building a few minutes or hours/day on GameFeelings. In 20% of my week I have complete freedom to do whatever I wish, and even money is less of an issue now.

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Erik de Roos is a Freelance software developer.

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