26 Gnomes everywhere!

Gnomes everywhere! Like… everywhere! But only a few of them are corrupted… That is how the ‘old’ Find the Gnome works. In the new one you just have to catch all gnomes. But for now, enjoy the little piece of gameplay I recorded for you on the old version!

I have an update on how catching gnomes will be different in the new version. A chopper!

And I have made a few changes. From now on: gnomes everywhere! More on this in ‘upgrading my habits’.

Have a nice read!

Gnomes casually walking around…

Here a piece of gameplay of me enjoying the view in the fourth level. In the soon-to-be revised / overhauled version of Find the Gnome.

#findthegnome a hidden object game with a twist! Find it on Steam.

Drone to catch your gnomes

One of the upcoming changes to Find the Gnome is having a drone pick-up the gnomes, instead of them disappearing when you click them.

Find the Gnome – drone

The idea behind this drone is to have a more natural system of limitations to catch gnomes, so clicking all over the scene isn’t that much of a problem anymore.

The drone will come to the mouse, catch the gnome, and take it off-screen. The drone amount is limited, its speed is just a bit slower than running gnomes. So once you find your gnome, you have to work out how to catch it by scaring it with your mouse or to ensnare it with other object interactions.

This will inspire a much more interactive experience of finding and catching gnomes. I like it already!

Upgrading my habits

Another thing I am working on is to improve my efficiency by doing more in less time, and make sure I work on things that contribute to my long term goals.

I attended to an online training ‘Online and social media marketing’, hosted by Qcredits. This was the second training I attended, and it emphasized on what I already knew. It is all about being clear on what you sell, and then make sure you sell it well and sell it everywhere. That ‘being clear on what you sell’ for me was always a bit vague, but I came to the conclusion I make games so that is what I sell: my games. So from now on, each blog, each email, is at least going to contain something about a game of mine.

Another thing I am working on currently is my procrastination. For this I am following a Dutch online course ‘Kies eieren voor je tijd’ from sochicken. It has 18 sessions of 15 minutes that spans multiple days. To me it already helps a lot in showing me how I procrastinate and what tricks others use to get over it. And it is very activating, it forces me to immediately apply the learning to the coming day. So fingers crossed: hope this helps me out being more productive!

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