45 Simple update

I am having a hard time getting my thoughts on paper for this update, so this update is simple and straight forward. Not the usual format. Just some interesting things that happened.

Overall, I am still working on Find the Gnome 2. Trying to get the hours in, but I am having a hard time getting myself to actually do the work. (ADHD kicking in I guess).


On the sounds, I am working together with Tobias. The same guy as from the music. He is going to supply a full set of sounds and help me out making it a balanced sound mixture.

I switched over to FMOD for the sound handling. I kept having things to solve with the sound system in Unity that are just not an issue in 3rd party sound solutions. I was looking at Wwise or FMOD, and choose FMOD because it looked simpler out of the box and simpler with its licensing structure.


In the previous update I stated that I was going to do rework. Here are some pictures of things we are going to change to the levels:

And this one:

There are more changes to come. But hinting them here would spoil the fun of you exploring these mechanics.

Workplace and ADHD

I am still looking for ways to make myself more productive.

I know that ADHD is something that can be solved using medication combined with behavioral changes, where the medication helps to enable these behavioral changes. I don’t have meds since they started to have side effects when I was 16. But it seems as if I still struggle with some of the ADHD specifics, like knowing what to do and how to do it but not getting to actually do it. My original examination was over 25 years ago and these documents are not around anymore. So if I want to get some help with this, I need to go through the whole medical thing again. And I am unsure if I want to go through that medical thing again.

So in the mean time I am optimizing the way I work. In the hopes this enables me to perform more consistent and get to the actual ‘doing’ of work more easily. My current idea is that working from home is not optimal. Too much things require my constant attention here and remind me of (parental) duties I have to fulfill.

With that I am actively looking for some working places in the near surroundings that have this mixture of solitude (if I want to) and connection (if I want to). But without the mixing of private concerns and work things. In the hopes this makes it easier for me to get to work on stuff.

Roan’s game project tricks me

I work on Roan (my son) his game. Not that much though, Find the Gnome 2 has my focus. But I can use these 2 projects to ‘trick’ my brain to get to actually work on something.

This is the way I do this: I work on a project (for example FtG 2) until I run into some difficulty. Then I switch over to the other project (for example Roan’s game). While I work on Roan his game, eventually things get more difficult there too. But in the mean time, I had time to think about my ‘problems’ on FtG 2 and they don’t seem to be that hard anymore. And before I know it, I am working on FtG 2 again and fixing that issue, because I then dread to work at Roan his game. These projects trade places every so often. And while this isn’t as fast as working on 1 game, it works for me because its better than not getting to work at all.

It keeps being funny to trick my brain.

O, by the way. I made a ‘turret’ for Roan his game and he is loving it! He has made 3 turret types and just runs around in the game placing them. Because they are that much fun:

Turrets like these aren’t going to end up in the final game. Because this world has a magic system, and miniguns with bullets don’t fit. But it looks cool and plays fun.

Thank you for reading this blogpost! I finally came to write it down so I am happy that I did. So now I hope you got something out of it too.

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Erik de Roos is a Freelance software developer.

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