Find the Gnome 2 Upcoming demo

Sneak peek at the upcoming Find the Gnome 2 demo on Steam. This video is shot on a development environment. Shown two levels are in the demo, accompanied by two other levels for a total of 4 levels.

Not shown here, but in the demo there will also be 2 high quality cartoons that show a part of the story element of this game. The first release of the full game will feature 12 levels and 9 cartoons.

Find the Gnome, a hidden object game about gnomes trying to rebuild their home. Find it on Steam:

A note on the development part of this video: the UI overlay shown is a debug UI, not available in the demo or full version. The sounds are being reworked at the moment and so is the music. Other than that this is pretty much what the demo will be. Between the demo and the full version, gameplay will not change. Full version will contain slightly different map and menu systems.

Published by Erik_de_Roos

Erik de Roos is a Freelance software developer.

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