Project 1

This is an article in the ‘Behind the scenes’ category where I shed some light on what it takes to make games. I warn you: they are real, these articles might discourage you to develop games yourself.

Update: a new post on this subject.

After a couple of weeks of testing the core game mechanics, a here is a first glance at project 1.

A brief explanation of the core mechanics:


The theme is: real environments, surreal interactions.

The next update will involve a lot more details about the art style and the interactions. Also Alpha testing is planned to get feedback. The next update is scheduled to arrive at Januari 14, 2018.

For developers

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to give an insight into the life of a developer. This is because I couldn’t find that much information on the journey of starting a game development company.

Of course, there is much information on people telling how to make it. Most of the times after their first or second success. But for all those that struggle (or perhaps fail), there are very few sources of information.

My plan is to give ‘behind the scenes’ peeks on what it takes to develop games. Articles tagged with this category will have some kind of the following information on them:

  • What business or product strategy do I use, and why.
  • What kind of information sources I do use to base my decisions on.
  • How are things going (business wise and personally)
  • Reflections on how I perceive game development.

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Starting Gamefeelings Game development

The past month was a personal milestone. After years of only having idea’s on developing games, I decided to give it my best and start for real.

I am Erik de Roos from the Netherlands, born in 1987, currently active as a Software Developer at Luminis, a dad to my two children and married with my love of my life.

This website,, is meant to be the main point of communication for the games I develop. Further more, it is a showcase of what I am capable of.

My goal is to make 3 game in 2 years, starting on November 2017 and ending November 2019. After this period I will decide whether to increase my time spend on this subject or to move on to something else.

The first game, project 1, is scheduled to arrive at begin June 2018.