Jenkins build with Unity3D

February 2020. If you want to spend less time building and fixing bugs you want to setup a build/test pipeline for your Unity3D projects. Update: Jenkins is a CI/CD tool. That means it facilitates continues integration and continues deployment. Why you want to use CI/CD is a story on its own and has to doContinue reading “Jenkins build with Unity3D”

‘Find the Gnome’ Released!

Finally the day is there: the release of Find the Gnome.Months and months of work, hours and hours of crunch-time. And here we are. As on 01:00 Central European time, this game is downloadable in the Steam shop. The version that is now live is the v1.0.0 version. And as tradition dictates, there are someContinue reading “‘Find the Gnome’ Released!”

Project 1 – v0.5

Version v0.5 is here, and look at the beautiful gameplay! I’m sorry if you didn’t expect a video in these otherwise static project updates. But with the upcoming release (3 weeks!) I thought it would be logical to include some actual gameplay with this post. As you can see the following additions are in here:Continue reading “Project 1 – v0.5”

Project 1 – v0.4

The V0.4.0 milestone is there… but is hasn’t been reached! If you know what I mean 😉 We didn’t get anywhere in the V0.4.0 milestone, it is in a state that you can’t submit it for Beta review. If you look at that from an Agile project methodology point of view, this means that somethingContinue reading “Project 1 – v0.4”

Quality takes time

I thought I would never ever make a blog with the title ‘Delayed’. So instead I put something with ‘quality’ in the name to empathize the positive. But yeah, the idea is the same: delays. First, the delay: Instead of releasing on the 4th of June I’m going for the 29th of June. Second, theContinue reading “Quality takes time”

Project 1 – v0.3

The V0.3.0 milestone has been reached! As stated in the previous post the following additions have been made: more details, more levels, more content. And the Beta has been started through Steam. (For keys, contact me)On top of what was announced, there is more: a vision on what the game is going to be (story mode,Continue reading “Project 1 – v0.3”

Project 1 – v0.2

Update: a new post on this subject. The V0.2.0 milestone has been reached! As stated in the previous post the following additions have been made: start menu, in-game interactions (collection UI, timer/high-score UI), minimal special effects (object sounds, UI changes on object found), level ending (with high-score submit). The game as of V0.2.0: Some changes didContinue reading “Project 1 – v0.2”