Project 1 – Find the gnome

This game is currently released.
The schedule is: Beta is currently in progress, release will be the last friday of June 2018.

The game is a 3D hidden object game, set in a realistic environment. It is targeted at the parents/grandparents of young gamers (age 4-8) and will therefore contain only child-friendly content.
See this blog post for more about the core game concept.

A screenshot of the current version:
v0.3.0 c13

A video of the previous version:

See these blog posts for more about the state of the project.

The targeted content to be included at 29 June is:

  • Content
    • Interesting take on the hidden-object games with a 3D game and fresh gamemodes
    • 5 story levels
    • Interactive level selection with story integration
    • 15 hide-n-seek levels with 2 gamemodes
    • 3 types of gnomes to find
    • Interesting behaviors and inter-gnome interactions using 5 different AI’s across the gamemodes.
    • Hidden objectives, secret collections, achievements. It’s all in it.
  • Art style
    • Hand-crafted realistic objects
    • Lush environments to hide objects in
    • Low to medium polygon count
  • Support
    • Performance
      • Playable gaming on 3yrs old common laptops
      • High fidelity when using decent gaming hardware
    • Input
      • Mouse and keyboard
  • Platforms
    • PC (Steam)


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