Work In Progress, v0.4

The current version that is being worked on, version 0.4, is going strong. This blogpost will give some details about what’s in it.

The focus of v0.4 is adding more story and meaning to the game.
I am very pleased with the results so far, it really adds up:

  • Total revamp of the main menu: It now shows a 3D map of The Netherlands with the locations you can visit (levels) as 3D UI elements.
  • Integrated story: this menu with the 3D map is the in-between for levels. It contains story text sequences and story driven level unlocks.
  • New game types distinction
    • Story mode with a real ‘Where’s Wally’ feeling: try finding that one gnome that’s different from the others. A slow-pace gamemode that uses story text sequences to introduce the game and to add background to it.
    • Hide-n-seek mode: the original ‘catch them’ gameplay but with a more arcade feeling. This mode builds on and reinforces the mechanics introduced in the story. The pace of this mode is much higher than the one in story mode.
  • Different gnomes have now different behaviors. Walking around, talking to each other, reacting to you. These behaviors will give the levels a more vibrant and alive feeling.

There is still lots of work to do get these new mechanics right. But the framework of this update is already standing strong.

A important note is that all these improvements build on the experience of the many testers that have tested this game for me. Thank you all!

The official v0.4 update will arrive on the 25th of April.

Game logo

How to make a game cover art? That was my question for a long time.

I’m not good at drawing. And I thought about the option of setting up a scene in Blender and using that as cover art.
But these options aren’t going to deliver me the ‘bringing the message across’ cover art that I need for my game.

And on top of that I promised myself to not use any money at all for my first release, just to proof to myself that some things are worth the money and others not.

Thanks, to a colleague at Luminis, I got introduced to On this website you can contact freelancers for various works, for example translations or drawings.
And their pricing is really nice: for that money a European person isn’t going to even look at your idea’s.
But yeah, It made me think about what I think people who work for me / with me have to have in terms of working conditions…

And don’t even speak about the fact that I stated ‘not to pay for anything’… well, it seems to me the world doesn’t work that way. You get what you pay for, and if you pay nothing it will cost you loads of time… or it costs you nothing but will likely return you nothing.

This was the result of a work of Maxtrella and me:

I am very pleased with this result!

Project 1 – v0.3

The V0.3.0 milestone has been reached!

As stated in the previous post the following additions have been made: more details, more levels, more content. And the Beta has been started through Steam. (For keys, contact me)
On top of what was announced, there is more: a vision on what the game is going to be (story mode, time trial mode), already extensive beta testing and integration of the results, and a lot of finishing touches.

The game as of V0.3.0:
v0.3.0 c3.png
v0.3.0 c7.png
v0.3.0 c9.png
v0.3.0 c12.png

The next official project update is scheduled at 25 April 2018, we will hit version 0.4 by then. It will add the main-selling feature… what this means is yet to filled in but I know it will be as good as the previous updates!

Updates explained – Find the gnome 0.2.0 Alpha

Update: newest footage can be found using this search tag.


On February the 18th 2018, version Alpha 0.2.0 did release. This video goes in-depth on the progress that was made.

On the other hand I’m trying to improve my video recording and editing skills. I hope you like the end result more than the previous game footage, wink wink.

And last but not least: interested in joining Alpha / Beta? Use the contact form to get to me.

Project 1 – v0.2

Update: a new post on this subject.

The V0.2.0 milestone has been reached!

As stated in the previous post the following additions have been made: start menu, in-game interactions (collection UI, timer/high-score UI), minimal special effects (object sounds, UI changes on object found), level ending (with high-score submit).

The game as of V0.2.0:
Level design 0.2.0.png

Some changes did not make it: the achievement system is still on the list but not that high on priority anymore.

The next official project update is scheduled at 18 March 2018, we will hit version 0.3 by then. It will go more in depth: more details, more levels, more content. And we will start the Beta by then and begin distributing it to the Beta testers through Steam.

First footage of Find the gnome

Update: newest footage can be found using this search tag.


And here it is: live game play of Find the Gnome while using the Alpha 0.1.5 build.

Watch as the little gnomes run in fear of disappearing into a fog (for all they know). But we know better: it is for the common good and for their best that we collect them and showcase them in our on-screen inventories! (Inventories are not included in this 0.1.5 build but will be added between now and 0.2.0)

Interesting points in the video
1:14 core game explaned
1:39 first gnome abducted
3:10 first gnome running
3:27 first gnome screaming while running

The other parts of the video: boring! boring! boring! Next time I’m going to use some actual video editing to get rid of those ‘I love to hear myself talking’ points.

And last but not least: interested in joint Alpha / Beta? Use the contact form to get to me.

Project 1 – Find the gnomes

Update: a new post on this subject.

And here is is: Find the gnomes

After just 2 weeks the idea has landed and the crowd is applauding: a search and find game where you chase garden gnomes.

A gnome and its collision window in Alpha 0.1.1:GardenGnome 0.1.1.png

And a peek at the art style & level design in Alpha 0.1.2:
Level design 0.1.2.png

The alpha testing has been a success. A lot of positive reactions on the core game mechanics from young people to elder ones.
There is still a lot of work to be done so the update continues!

The next official project update is scheduled at 18 February 2018, we will hit version 0.2 by then. It will include a bit of everything: a basic start menu, the basic in-game interaction counters, minimal special effects on objects, a level ending, an achievement system.

Project 1

Update: a new post on this subject.

After a couple of weeks of testing the core game mechanics, a here is a first glance at project 1.

A brief explanation of the core mechanics:


The theme is: real environments, surreal interactions.

The next update will involve a lot more details about the art style and the interactions. Also Alpha testing is planned to get feedback. The next update is scheduled to arrive at Januari 14, 2018.