Hy I’m Erik a game developer. I love to do programming, back-end (multiplayer) and DevOps stuff all day long. If it’s a game its good, if it is a game I worked on it is better, if I made a game succeed it is the best thing ever!

Find the Gnome 2

Production, code, game design

2021-2022. The simple ‘revisiting’ of Find the Gnome has become a full new installment. I got a few artists on board to help me out with this title, so its a massive quality improvement over my previous works.

C#, Unity, Steam

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Manage the Universe

1-man-team game developer

2020, my second own big game project. Currently in the making.

C#, Unity, Blender

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Animal winter

Programmer, game designer

2020, a cooperative project with an artist. Currently in the making as a side project.

C#, Unity.

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Digital escape

Technical consultancy, programmer, game designer

2020, 2-months. My first cooperative game development with another studio.

C#, Unity, Photon PUN, Multiplayer, Azure DevOps, CI/CD.

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Programmer, game designer

2020, 2 weeks. A GlobalGameJam 2020 game that I helped creating, and then fully finished and published on my own.

C#, Unity, Blender

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Find the Gnome – Revisited

1-man-team game developer

Revise the whole game while experimenting with different production techniques. Currently in the making but postponed.

C#, Unity, Blender, Steam.

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Find the Gnome

1-man-team game developer

2018, 6-months. My first own big game project. Big expectations, big learnings.

C#, Unity, Blender, Steam.

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Writing about game dev

I really like to write about gamedev. See my blog for all the articles I wrote.

My blogging subjects evolved over time. First it was a developer blog then a reseach blog and now a personal highlights blog.


When I was 11 (1998) we got our first 386sx and I immediately got into programming with QBasic and DOS batch. I loved to create games, did some maze games for my sister and a few business simulations for my Lego cities. I organize 1 or 2 LAN parties each year since 2004 when I got my first 10mbit 4 port duplex repeater and 2 ISA-slot network cards.

After getting my bachelor in applied sciences I started working as a software developer in the industrial automation. I liked the physical stuff involved, but after 2 years it turned out to be a very conservative industry. I soon moved to a startup that did online reviews for financial services and helped them build up the architecture and designed some nice high performant web things. We were 1 of the first Azure users. After 3 years I concluded that I wanted to step up my game so I signed up for consultancy services at Luminis. At this consultant company I learned to design for big back-end systems with tens of thousands to millions of users. And I found out I got a knack for creating good quality maintainable cloud software and working with teams, so I got deep into CI/CD, DevOps, team leading, testing, security, Lean and Agile. All while writing high quality code. This I did for 4 years.

And then it dawned on me that I would be doing this for the rest of my life. No way! Top 1 on my bucket list was to get to be a game developer. I was very pessimistic of me being able to create art and design games, but heck why don’t give it a try. I’m a quick learner, know how to get things working, am able to connect to people, and there should be a place in the game industry for me somewhere.

So that is where I come from.


I don’t know if I have a specific well developed taste, and I don’t claim to have one. But I know I like to play certain games and listen to certain music.

My inspiring games, a subset of my vast collection

It started with Tyrian 2000, Wolfstein 3D, Transport Tycoon, Worms, Terminal Velocity, Falcon, SimCity, JazzJackRabbit and Cannon Fodder.
I then moved on to Earth 2140, Ceasar III, Age of Empires, Quake II, Soldier of Fortune, Emergency 2, Commandos, Tomb Raider, Half Life.
Then came Settlers 4, Max Payne, more GTA, Civilisations, Heroes of might and magic, Might and magic, Delta force, more Wolfstein, Rainbow six, Empire Earth, Dungeon siege, Serious Sam, Unreal II, Cossacks II, Red Alert II, Warcraft III.
From there on FarCry, Mass effect, Bioshock, more GTA, a lot of Hitman, more Max Payne, more Serious Sam, Stalker, Skyrim, Supreme Commander, Flat Out, all command & conquer games.
And then Fallout, Deus Ex, Borderlands, Witcher, Metal gear solid, Just Cause, Saints Row, Mad Max, Factorio, GemCraft, a lot of Doom, more Max Payne, a few lego themed games, all Assassins Creed games, Tomb raider, Batman, all Dishonered, Watch Dogs, more Wolfstein, more FarCry.

Most of my hours go into all the Creeper World games, I just love this series. Puzzling makes me calm hehe. And I play idlers when finding an interesting one.

I played a few multiplayer games. Delta force, Rainbow six and Call of Duty on LAN parties. Tried Eve online a few hours, did sunk a few hundred hours in World of Warcraft, and did grind to a few tier 7’s in World of Tanks.

Music is simple: symphonic metal and (happy) hardcore.
I always fall back to metal, so here are my favorites: Rhapsody of Fire (if they are in my country, I go see them), Ayreon, DragonForce, Amaranthe, Twilight Force, Sabaton, Freedom Call, Metalite, Orden Ogan, Keldian, Within Temptation, Sirenia, Nightwish.

Business software development

You probably can’t rely on me telling I know a fair share of back-end development while not having that many game projects to prove. So here is a section of a few of my software consultancy projects.

This info can be found too on https://erikderoos.nl/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/diederikjohannesderoos/.


Software developer

2020, All about high performance microservices.

C#, .Net Core, MQQT MessageQueue, microservices, Linux, MySql, Open Source, Jira, Jenkins.

More info is at my personal website:


Lead developer

2018/2019, Me as a consultant really getting into taking responsibilities and helping the client (NS) build with next gen development techniques.

C#, .Net (Core), Xamarin, Angular, Web Api REST, Azure, CosmosDb, MsSql, GIT, Azure DevOps, CI/CD, DevOps, DevSecOps, Scrum, Lean prototyping, google design sprint.

More info is at my personal website:


Software developer

2012-2015, A startup with an atmosphere I really enjoyed working at and giving it the best I had. It inspired me in taking accountability and honing my skills.

C#, MVC 5, EntityFramework 6, WebAPI 2, MSSQL, Azure SQL, jQuery, SVN.


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