The game Gearful was the result of the Global Game Jam 2020 where I participated in with Auroriax (Tom Hermands) and Ben Gunnewijk.


Physics puzzle game where you need to shift cogs into the correct position.

Play this game on
The official game page is on

Is has 12 levels with a few different mechanics that all use physics to get gears to run.

My part

This gamejam took place in Januari 2020. See this post for more details on my attempt.

My part during the jam:

  • The physic systems
  • Objective system
  • Menu systems, level switching

After the jam I finalized the game:

  • Added some more levels
  • Made a consistent look & feel
  • Did optimizations and bugfixes
  • Integrated Unity Ads
  • Released it on as a free WebGL game

I created some blogs during the GameJam and afterward when completing the game, see

Related stuff

Random order, tooling used

  • Unity
  • Blender modelling
  • Release for WebGl and Android
  • Google playstore and
  • Unity Ads
  • GIT sourcecontrol


There are no reviews for this game.

And I have a few words on this from my own:

  • It quite OK for the kind of game. If it had more levels (50+) it could be a worthy android game.
  • It has lacking graphics but nothing a GFX artist could not fix.
  • The full-physics system did not pay off. There are some nasty bugs, would not go full-physics again.
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