Find the Gnome 2

Cute hidden object game with gnomes in an atmospheric environment.

If this is what you like, Find the Gnome 2 is a game for you.

Play this game on your own or together with your son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter.
It is targeted at gamers that like a puzzle game that is just something out of the ordinary. The content is designed to be child-friendly.

– Features –

Play through 4 different environments (forest, farm, village and city) with each environment having 3 hand drawn levels.

In between levels, watch a funny and immersive story unfold about the life of these gnomes. The story is told by hand drawn cartoons from a renown cartoon artist.

Replay-ability: Use the over-world map to replay old levels or watch the cartoons again. Also, after completing a level for the first time, consecutive plays will use randomized positioning of the gnomes.

– Core gameplay –

Interact with the environment: almost all objects in the environment have a sort of interaction on them that gets activated by you clicking on it. Some are just visual, others enable you to interact with the gnomes.

Try to find all the gnomes by carefully inspecting the environment or interacting with the environment:

  • Gnomes try to hide out of sight, so turn your camera to make them move to another spot.
  • Interact with an object a gnome is in to make them run out of it.
  • Temporarily block off an object the gnome wants to enter because you just interacted with it.

You will be rewarded for finding and completing your collections, while looking at the funny interactions these gnomes make with you or with their world.

– Support –

  • Platform
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • MacOS
    • SteamDeck
  • Hardware
    • Playable on 5yrs old laptops, or newer laptops and/or desktop systems
  • Control schemes
    • Mouse and keyboard
    • Controller

– Current state: released! –

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