Hi I’m Erik, and I am a solo/indi game developer. I build gameplay focused strategy / puzzle games.

Find the Gnome 2

Currently under development.

Hidden object game, successor to the 2018 Find the Gnome

Find the gnome

‘Find wally’ type of puzzle game, 2018.

Manage the Universe

Currently under development.
A fusion of Strategy / incremental / RPG, as a realtime 4X strategy game.


Hi, I am Erik, a software developer and game developer. I am 34 years old, live in the Netherlands and have a wife and 2 kids.

I am currently working on ‘Find the Gnome 2’, this game is close to its release:

I share my journey on my blog, bundle my findings on this journey page, publish my build games on this overview and have this portfolio page for people that want to work with me together on games.


Visit this section for my thoughts on my Journey.


A collection of my games.


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