These are games that are produced or published by GameFeelings. I worked on a few other titles, you can find them in my portfolio.

Manage the Universe

Strategy and management game for PC

Find artifacts, enhance yourself, conquer the world, explore the galaxy and live your fantasy. Play it the way you like. Battle massive wars on galactic scales. Or go in person to sabotage it yourself.


3D puzzle game for web and mobile

Physics puzzle game where you need to shift cogs into the correct position. It contains 15 levels, a few different mechanics. Out on Google Playstore and

Find the Gnome

Hidden object game for PC, Mac and Linux

A 3D hidden object game where you venture on a mission to find all the garden gnomes that have gone haywire.

With 16 levels featuring 2 gamemodes and 4 types of gnomes.

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