GlobalGameJam 2020

I attended the 2020 gamejam hosted by BUas in Breda, Netherlands. On our location over 200 jammers did a hackaton-alike attempt at creating novel games.

Together with two other jammers, Tom and Ben, I constructed the game ‘gearful’ during the 48 hours gamejam. Check out this brief video for the gameplay:

Gameplay of Gearful

The theme of the gamejam this year was ‘repair’. So our game is about repairing a machine. It is a puzzle game were you align gears and remove obstacles to rotate the ending gear.

The game features 9 levels with increasing difficulty. There are 3 gear sizes. Some puzzles require interaction from multiple angles to solve it. you can interact with gears or with sliding bars (that block the gears). And the whole game is physics based.
It is a 3D game. You can rotate freely around the puzzle. The games comes with a background music.
It is made using Unity and a lot of freeware assets.

We did have fun building the game, a good team interaction and accomplished quite well what we aimed for at the start. For me that’s all I wanted so I really enjoyed this jam.

For Tom you can find more of his works over at and
The official Jam site with this submission is

The game felt like it is a promising prototype, so who knows what this game eventually will become…

Published by Erik_de_Roos

Erik de Roos is a Freelance software developer.

One thought on “GlobalGameJam 2020

  1. Nice one in 48 hours guys – congratz! Love the feeling of the game as well. Like the cliffhanger at the end Erik, and if it produces something I would very much like to see some of it 🙂


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