39 Release date

Finally I have found ’my flow’ and I am now pumping out content like crazy. A large part of that is a feasible goal, my release plan. Another thing in this blog is the new Find the Gome gameplay video. Its shows a few interesting new things. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride! VideoContinue reading “39 Release date”

38 Doing ‘things’

Most of the past 4 weeks was working on ‘providing for the family’ on my main job. But I managed to pull off some interesting pieces of code. And the guys that help me with the models did their part too… but that’s for another time. This blog is about a few code things andContinue reading “38 Doing ‘things’”

27 First gameplay

Yes! YES! I am back in business. My game dev is flowing freely again, from my fingers through the keyboard into the bits that make up the re-envision of Find the Gnome. Please, enjoy this new writing of mine. First gameplay on Find the Gnome Here you see my boy Roan in action (9 yearsContinue reading “27 First gameplay”

26 Gnomes everywhere!

Gnomes everywhere! Like… everywhere! But only a few of them are corrupted… That is how the ‘old’ Find the Gnome works. In the new one you just have to catch all gnomes. But for now, enjoy the little piece of gameplay I recorded for you on the old version! I have an update on howContinue reading “26 Gnomes everywhere!”

25 Animating

When I started ‘Find the Gnome’ in December 2017, my goal was to do it all myself so I could experience what I was good at and what I was bad at. Creating a model for the gnome, texturing, animating: it was all part of that. Now in 2021 modelling is much more easy forContinue reading “25 Animating”

Bi-Weekly update 15

Manage the Universe Another two weeks of progress have been made on ‘Manage the Universe’. Still working on very rough concepts. But I have some nice screenshots to spice it up! World surface generator Most of the work went into the tile generator. This system will generate the surface of the world where your characterContinue reading “Bi-Weekly update 15”

Bi-Weekly update 12

Manage the Universe I have been working on Manage the Universe for a few weeks now, and I am still in the prototype phase. A few idea’s are getting more refined during this process, so that is what I want to show you today. This gif starts with the ‘starsystem overview’ or so called ‘levelContinue reading “Bi-Weekly update 12”

Bi-Weekly update 9

It is a long day since the last update. Something bad happened to the ‘Digital Escape’ project that needed all my attention. But first, the good stuff. Father’s day I got a sweet present for father’s day. My in-house office is upgraded with a very nice looking name tag: Back on track with Bart BartContinue reading “Bi-Weekly update 9”

GlobalGameJam 2020

I attended the 2020 globalgamejam.org gamejam hosted by BUas in Breda, Netherlands. On our location over 200 jammers did a hackaton-alike attempt at creating novel games. Together with two other jammers, Tom and Ben, I constructed the game ‘gearful’ during the 48 hours gamejam. Check out this brief video for the gameplay: The theme ofContinue reading “GlobalGameJam 2020”

How did the launch go

How did the launch of ‘Find the Gnome’ go? Thanks for asking 😉 Well, it was a really great launch. Way better than expected and received way better than expected. The sales do lag behind, but more on that later. Expectations on forehand First of all, what was my expectation before the release: A fewContinue reading “How did the launch go”