Find the Gnome 2 Demo is out now!

The Find the Gnome 2 Demo is out now on Steam! The Find the Gnome 2 demo is available starting today, and this article contains everything you need to jump into the action. This demo version will be available alongside the full version from now on. And keep up with the updates on the fullContinue reading “Find the Gnome 2 Demo is out now!”

47 Demo is even closer

So much stuff to tell about! That is a good thing I think, that means the demo release is closer than ever. Here is a link for if you haven’t wishlisted the game yet. You can use this same link to get onto Steam to install the demo when it releases. New ideas forContinue reading “47 Demo is even closer”

Find the Gnome 2 Upcoming demo

Sneak peek at the upcoming Find the Gnome 2 demo on Steam. This video is shot on a development environment. Shown two levels are in the demo, accompanied by two other levels for a total of 4 levels. Not shown here, but in the demo there will also be 2 high quality cartoons that showContinue reading “Find the Gnome 2 Upcoming demo”

44 Optimize workflows in Unity

Good news: a new video on my game development process! I know a few of my loyal readers really like the development side of game development, and like to know how I approach development. For them: Enjoy this new video! And of course, the regular updates on Find the Gnome 2. With the demo releaseContinue reading “44 Optimize workflows in Unity”