Find the Gnome 2 – v2.1.12 build

This v2.1.12 build is a part of the major upcoming update. I couldn’t wait to bring you Steam achievements so I released this early. Achievements Other fixes For those that want to know where their gnome ended up: By the way, I see that I forgot to post here on my blog that I didContinue reading “Find the Gnome 2 – v2.1.12 build”

Find the Gnome 2 – v2.1.1 build

The Find the Gnome 2 – v2.1.1 build is live now on Steam. This build contains a few small fixes that became apparent after more players played the game. The next update will be a planned content update called ‘how the game was made’ and will contain new content. Release notes Controls Steam deck OtherContinue reading “Find the Gnome 2 – v2.1.1 build”