Bi-Weekly update 2

Release of Gearful Play this game for free in your webbrowser on As you might have noticed on the GameFeeling socials: Gearful has been launched. I am really thankful for everyone helping, like Ben and Tom (Auroriax) during the globalgamejam in January this year, Ben for motivating to continue developing, and Tom forContinue reading “Bi-Weekly update 2”

Bi-Weekly update – 1

Progress on: Gearful We have decided to give Gearful a finishing touch, fix some low hanging fruit, and bring the game to Android (mobile). ‘Gearful’ is a game that Tom, Ben and I made during the GlobalGameJam last Januari. Things that have been taken care of past 2 weeks are: level management, mobile UI, dependencyContinue reading “Bi-Weekly update – 1”

GlobalGameJam 2020

I attended the 2020 gamejam hosted by BUas in Breda, Netherlands. On our location over 200 jammers did a hackaton-alike attempt at creating novel games. Together with two other jammers, Tom and Ben, I constructed the game ‘gearful’ during the 48 hours gamejam. Check out this brief video for the gameplay: The theme ofContinue reading “GlobalGameJam 2020”

Attending Amsterdam White Nights 2020

I am an Indie developer and I want to spend my resources wisely. I couldn’t find that much detail on what to expect on Amsterdam White Nights. So here is my 2020 take on the Amsterdam White Nights Conference. TLDR: nice event, good talks, not that great for a starting or small Indie unless youContinue reading “Attending Amsterdam White Nights 2020”

GameFeelings is official now

As of 1 January 2020 GameFeelings is an official Dutch registered company. I, Erik de Roos, have quite my job to give GameFeelings dedicated time. This website has had an overhaul to support the new course for GameFeelings. The main products are: experiments/academic research, games (from experiments), blog posts (about the experiments/research) The main productContinue reading “GameFeelings is official now”