Find the Gnome 2 – Update

Hello fellow gnome lovers!

Its the first of 2023, and I wanted to thank you all for supporting this game by buying it and playing it! And I thank you for telling me about the fun you had with the game.

In this post I will shed some light on the roadmap of updates on the game, as well as help you out with a few specific parts of the game.

Help with the game

First, the controls. WASD moves the camera, QE rotates the camera, and with the mouse you click on gnomes and on the objects in the level. You can also use the ‘hold the right mouse button’ to rotate the camera. And if you want full mouse control, you can go to the settings menu and enabled this behaviour.

Then on to the basic gameplay. The idea is that you watch the level carefully, and when you suspect a gnome is in something you click on that object. If a gnomes runs away, look at where its heading to and click on that thing. It will make the gnome divert its course and take a longer path. Thus giving the bird longer to catch the gnomes.

On the difficulty: the game is by default on the difficulty ‘Get active’. This difficulty is tuned so that you have to divert the gnome its course by guessing its path and the object it wants to go to. But if this is too hard, because lets say you are a child and have difficulties clicking on the gnome, you can switch the difficulty to ‘casual’. This will make the gnomes move more slowly, have a slighter bigger area to click on and the clicked objects will be disabled for longer. You can find the difficulty switch in the ‘gameplay’ menu.

In each level there are 2 collectibles to be found. These collectibles are a floating scroll and a theme specific object. These 2 collectibles are represented in the corner right HUD by 2 buttons that glow when found. The collectibles are small and hard to spot, and are the most difficult part of the game. However, these collectibles are always in the same spot.

There is also a hint button for those that have difficulty finding a gnome or a collectible. Depending on the difficulty, the hint button will reset more quickly.


I just have released an update to the game with a lot of bugfixes. I tried my best to test the game before launch on as many systems as possible and with as many diverse people as possible. But still a few mishaps ended up into the release build.

However, this is just a small update, mainly focused at fixing inconveniences.

There is an update plan to add more content and to address ‘bigger’ things

  • Update 1: How the game was made
  • Update 2: Controls
  • Update 3: More funny stuff
  • Update 4: Speedrun

These updates will be bigger updates with add additional content game and improvements to existing systems. Most of the content is planned already, and consists of stuff that couldn’t make it into the release or needed more playtesting by you (the actual users) to know if it was a necessarily fix.

But I am open to add even more stuff to the game, and improve on the systems in the game. Just hop on discord and give me your thoughts on the game and I will look into the suggestions.


Find the Gnome 2 also has a demo. This is intended to stay up as long as Find the Gnome 2 is in stores. Like the good old times where you could play demo’s to find out if a game was to your liking.

The demo is technically the same as the full game, but stripped of 75% of the levels. This is to make the demo easy for me, the developer, to maintain. This means that with each update of the main game, the demo gets an update too.

There are some things that don’t translate that well from the full game into the demo. Things like that are the trail on the map, all the achievements being visible but you can’t find them in the demo, and more like that. I am aware of these issues and working on them, but with low priority. So for now, this is just how it is.

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