27 First gameplay

Yes! YES! I am back in business. My game dev is flowing freely again, from my fingers through the keyboard into the bits that make up the re-envision of Find the Gnome. Please, enjoy this new writing of mine. First gameplay on Find the Gnome Here you see my boy Roan in action (9 yearsContinue reading “27 First gameplay”

26 Gnomes everywhere!

Gnomes everywhere! Like… everywhere! But only a few of them are corrupted… That is how the ‘old’ Find the Gnome works. In the new one you just have to catch all gnomes. But for now, enjoy the little piece of gameplay I recorded for you on the old version! I have an update on howContinue reading “26 Gnomes everywhere!”

25 Animating

When I started ‘Find the Gnome’ in December 2017, my goal was to do it all myself so I could experience what I was good at and what I was bad at. Creating a model for the gnome, texturing, animating: it was all part of that. Now in 2021 modelling is much more easy forContinue reading “25 Animating”

Time flies, how to sustain the fun

I am planning on adding a big update to Find the Gnome for over a year now. But life isn’t letting me, so I’m going to cheat. The promise The idea was simple: bring out Find the Gnome, and then add continues updates to it. Increasing (or maintaining) it’s value. I had invested a lotContinue reading “Time flies, how to sustain the fun”

Continues updates (or: after-launch support)

A big con against using Agile with Continues Deployment in gamedev is for me the question: ‘is it feasible as a business model’? Because at the end of the day the amount of work put into continues updates must be profitable to run a business. This is an article in the ‘Research’ category where I dive intoContinue reading “Continues updates (or: after-launch support)”

I keep thinking about Agile

June 2019. How can I use Agile methodologies to deliver better and faster with my planned update on Find the Gnome?It is a question that is bothering me for some time now. This is an article in the ‘Research’ category where I dive into a subject on game production. Update: as of June 2021 I have releasedContinue reading “I keep thinking about Agile”