Time flies, how to sustain the fun

I am planning on adding a big update to Find the Gnome for over a year now. But life isn’t letting me, so I’m going to cheat. The promise The idea was simple: bring out Find the Gnome, and then add continues updates to it. Increasing (or maintaining) it’s value. I had invested a lotContinue reading “Time flies, how to sustain the fun”

Continues updates (or: after-launch support)

A big con against using Agile with Continues Deployment in gamedev is for me the question: ‘is it feasible as a business model’? Because at the end of the day the amount of work put into continues updates must be profitable to run a business. This is an article in the ‘Research’ category where I dive intoContinue reading “Continues updates (or: after-launch support)”

I keep thinking about Agile

How can I use Agile methodologies to deliver better and faster with my planned update on Find the Gnome?It is a question that is bothering me for some time now. This is an article in the ‘Research’ category where I dive into a subject on game production. The things at hand How is the industry currently usingContinue reading “I keep thinking about Agile”