Find the Gnome 2 – v2.1.1 build

The Find the Gnome 2 – v2.1.1 build is live now on Steam. This build contains a few small fixes that became apparent after more players played the game.

The next update will be a planned content update called ‘how the game was made’ and will contain new content.

Release notes


  • By default, rotating with the right mouse button is enabled
  • Added rotation key hints to the tutorial
  • Automatically disable the virtual mouse on controller switch

Steam deck

  • Proper close on exit
  • Improved controller control scheme for easier use of rotation, zooming, moving and clicking at the same time.


  • A lot of minor fixes, like all achievements having the proper pictures.

MacOS issue

Additional note for MacOS

  • There is a signing issue with the FMOD sound library that makes it impossible to start the game.
  • I am working on an update, but it proves to be more difficult than anticipated. There will be a follow-up patch when this get resolved.

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Erik de Roos is a Freelance software developer.

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