54 Last bi-weekly blog

Its been a while sinds the last blog. This post is a bit of an explanation on that, and also an update on how its going currently, and what is coming for GameFeelings.

Previous year my focus was on creating and releasing Find the Gnome 2. A lot of attention and resources went into the production of that game.

This year, I am focusing on my consultancy work and my private life. To make up for a bit of lack on this in the previous year, yes. But also because of the personal learnings and discoveries I had while developing FtG2. I am changing some things (for the better) on both my personal life and consultancy. And I need time and focus for that.

What does this mean for my game dev? Its going to be less ‘externally visible’ for a while. I am still working on my game dev projects. But more focus goes to where my private life goals align with my business goals, like when developing together with my son Roan on his game. Besides that, I am also working on my long-time game idea. As in: I am still working on my ‘manage the universe’ game concept, however I split up the game in 3 game projects that build upon each other so I can more easily build towards my goal. The first game of that series is what I am prototyping right now, and I am working on the worldbuilding and overall game concepts that connect the 3 games.

A bit more on FtG2: this game, its development and its release served its purpose to me. I consider it a worthy investment. However, further development has other requirements in the expected return on investments, and currently ‘adding stuff to the game’ is not worth it. Is this the end of development on FtG2? No, because wat is worth the time/money for me, is using FtG2 as a usecase to sharpen my marketing skills. This could lead to me getting back to this game, if experiments with the marketing turn this game into a better money generating asset. But for now, this is what it is. And, to be honest, I do like the idea of working on something else for a change.

On the blogs: the production of the blogs, especially the recurring pattern, always weighted heavy on me. For me it was a way of informing friends, family and enthousiast of my business explorations, and sharing my ‘how I got into game dev’ story. Thanks for support, it really ment a lot to me! But, even with that, maintaining this blog in a recurring pace kept being a drain for me. I am going to ‘shed’ the recurring part, but keep the ‘informing people’ part.

Thanks for the read! And see you at the next blog.

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Erik de Roos is a Freelance software developer.

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