Bi-Weekly update 15

Manage the Universe Another two weeks of progress have been made on ‘Manage the Universe’. Still working on very rough concepts. But I have some nice screenshots to spice it up! World surface generator Most of the work went into the tile generator. This system will generate the surface of the world where your characterContinue reading “Bi-Weekly update 15”

Azure DevOps Unity3D pipeline

This is an article to accompany my video about setting up an Azure DevOps pipeline for a local build agent with Unity3D. For those who want the files: And here the links to a few other resources: Azure DevOps Agent installation instruction Inno setup Unity3D extension for Azure DevOps Azure Why Azure DevOps IContinue reading “Azure DevOps Unity3D pipeline”

Your website, worth the effort?

I have my websites for over 5 years now and for almost 3 years. What did it bring me? Was it worth the effort? My website philosophy I like to create stuff and share the product or the experience with others. This can be to help others, or to get money to feedContinue reading “Your website, worth the effort?”

Bi-Weekly update 12

Manage the Universe I have been working on Manage the Universe for a few weeks now, and I am still in the prototype phase. A few idea’s are getting more refined during this process, so that is what I want to show you today. This gif starts with the ‘starsystem overview’ or so called ‘levelContinue reading “Bi-Weekly update 12”

Bi-Weekly update 9

It is a long day since the last update. Something bad happened to the ‘Digital Escape’ project that needed all my attention. But first, the good stuff. Father’s day I got a sweet present for father’s day. My in-house office is upgraded with a very nice looking name tag: Back on track with Bart BartContinue reading “Bi-Weekly update 9”