Find the Gnome 2 – v2.1.16 build

This v2.1.16 build is mainly to address the gameplay breaking regression bug on the machines. You can find these notes here on Steam.


  • Machines in level 3.2 and 4.1 were completely broken by the last update. Again. Fixed this. Again. Tjebbe was not pleased by the severity of this bug and the risk of regression, so he instructed Bertus to take measures to lower the risk on this in the future.

Gameplay changes

  • The hint button will now always target a dropped key, if any present. Its order is: first a dropped key (or machine part), second a gnome, and third a collectible. This way, if you are stuck the hint button will now reliably target the most important thing to do next. A note on the hint system by Bertus: “I have no clue where this blue beam of light is coming from, but it seems to be helpful so it should be OK.”


  • Added another unique gnome name, part of the community reward. This one is in level 4.1. I think this gnome has some artistic potential…
  • You couldn’t select some locations on the map due to invisible UI elements being in front of it. Repositioned the camera and the UI elements to counter this. Tjebbe and Bertus are still not pleased with this whole map thing, they keep getting lost and find it difficult to use. They are planning on doing an interior redecoration of the captain cabin in the near future, to address this specific issue.
  • Stability issue: If you did reset a level that had a savestate, some systems didn’t properly reset. The hint and drone/bird could end up in an unpredictable state. Rest assured: No birds were harmed in this.
  • Stability issue: If you clicked on a gnome just when it entered a hidingspot and started fading away, your bird/drone could end up in an unpredictable state. Again, rest assured: no birds were harmed in this, we asked Floris and he said that he ‘in some cases experienced dizziness and a bit of nausea but it went away quickly’.

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Erik de Roos is a Freelance software developer.

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