Hello, I’m Erik. Nice to meet you.

Here you will find out more about GameFeelings, where it stands for and what it’s vision for the future is. However, if you are interested in the person Erik, you will find more use in my personal website erikderoos.nl

So GameFeelings is an initiative with the goal to search for better game production techniques. As the main page of this website states.

As a long time passionate software engineer for all kind of business I have seen many companies and practices. Although I am ‘just’ an engineer, I always asked around and dived into the ‘whole’ of the software forthcoming process, and studied it to learn more. One thing did occur to me: why is it that we know how we ‘should’ build software, but never build it accordingly?

I started to collect practices that worked, not only for the engineers but for the organization as a whole. It included things about company mission and vision, product positioning, human resources, and all other aspects.

Back to gaming: A lot is happening in the world of game software production. I love the people that work in it and I hold them in high regard. But I think a few things are currently ‘off’ so to speak: the industry isn’t that nice to its people and its market as it should be. And I think nobody currently ‘wants’ things to be this way.

So I want to give something back to these people. One thing I’m good at is searching for practical solutions, the other thing I’m good at is software development.

So that is what GameFeelings is all about: search for better game production techniques, in the hope to create a brighter future for gaming and its production!

I really like to connect with you if you feel the same, think you can be of assistance to me or think that I can be of assistance to you (or your organization).

Here is a nice WordPress section… with my personal mix of seriousness and silliness. That’s me too 😉

What People Say about Erik

Someone you can build upon.

All past coworkers – a recurring theme

Erik shows you real benefits of good production techniques, he motivated me to give these things a second thought.

Jan Stil – A software engineer that wants less talk and more action

I love you.

Alise – his wife

Let’s create a brighter future for gaming together.

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