Hello, I’m Erik. Nice to meet you.

I am a solo game developer that comes from a background of business software development.

I write computer program’s since I was 11 and always dreamed of creating games. But due to circumstances and being overwhelmed by the game dev industry I did not enter the industry before 2017. I made my debut with ‘Find the Gnome’, and did go full freelance on January 2020. Read this whole story over at the ‘journey’ page.

As a developer I like to share my practices with other developers. So that is what you find on my blog. I am open in talking about what I do, how I come to my conclusions and what I need to revisit with time. With a professional attitude of reflection.

In the end GameFeelings is just an initiative to search for better business development and game production techniques, with me sharing while I am learning to do so. I aim at all sizes of studio’s, but my current findings are most relevant to starters, freelancers and small Indie studio’s.

I really like to connect with you if you feel the same, think you can be of assistance to me or think that I can be of assistance to you (or your organization).

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