Find the Gnome

– GameFeelings presents –


A 3D hidden object game, set in the beautiful Dutch countryside, where you venture on a mission to find all the garden gnomes that have gone haywire.


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– Massive rework on the way! –

If you buy this game, please know that I am working on an improved version as we speak. You will get the new version automatically for no additional charge. And you can still use the ‘old’ version. For more information see the blogs.

Update: this has become Find the Gnome 2. This update was so massive I could not ‘just update’ the base game due to a few reasons. Technical reasons, but also business wise. If you did buy Find the Gnome and expected to get this update, please contact me at the contact page and I will send you a key.

– Core gameplay –

In ‘Find the gnome’ you try to find all garden gnomes by carefully inspecting the environment.

You will be rewarded for finding and completing your collections, while looking at the funny interactions these gnomes make with you or with their world.

Play it easy and try to find all objects in the hide-n-seek mode, start a hide-n-seek timed mode where the placement of objects is randomized, or enjoy the story flow where you have to pick the weird gnomes out of a collection of good gnomes.

v0.5.0 story 1 text.png

– Features –

Play this game on your own or together with your son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter.
It is targeted at gamers that like a puzzle game that is just something out of the ordinary. The content is especially designed to be child-friendly.

It has several levels and multiple gamemodes per level.


  • Platform
    • PC (through Steam)
  • Hardware
    • Playable gaming on 3yrs old common laptops
    • High fidelity when using decent gaming hardware
  • Control schemes
    • Mouse
    • Mouse and keyboard

The supported platform is: PC (through Steam)

Supported control modes: Mouse or mouse and keyboard.

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