Manage the Universe

space, inception, sleeves, management, adventure, 3D pixel-art, replay-ability.

If this is what you like, maybe Manage the Universe is a game for you.

The game is currently under construction. A peek at the current prototype:

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Game mechanics

It’s basic gameplay is that you are a person that have to play the game on 6 different levels to achieve the end goal, and the end goal is to rule the universe.
At level 1 you are a mere peasant, roaming an inhabited planet and you have to help your environment to advance.
At level 2 you are a governor of a province, and try to get along with your neighboring provinces.
At level 3 you start becoming a space oriented world organization, seeking for help and answers on your near planets and stars.
At level 4 you start to really get a grip on space and build massive fleets to conquer the stars and find other civilizations.
At level 5 you organize with other civilizations into federations and establish a galaxy wide order, while striving for supremacy.
At level 6 you start a secret order, have a base, and recruit followers. This to unravel a mysterious fate that is brought upon your galaxy.


Soon: Working prototype.

Future: kickstarter, Steam Direct, or just ‘a demo’ on Steam.

Even farther future: Full release.

Note: depending on how things work out in November I have to work on a consultancy project for a few months to get my finances healthy again. This will be the main factor for when the release will happen in 2021.

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