52 Release party

Find the Gnome 2 will release in a few days, on Tuesday December the 13th.

This is a happy moment for me, Erik, the main developer of Find the Gnome 2. And I want to celebrate this moment. For that reason, I am going to throw a party.

You can join this party too. Its intended for the people that supported me through the development in this game, the people that helped shaping and building the game, and the people that have a general interest in Find the Gnome or in Dutch indie games.

The event will start on 20:00, and you are welcome from 19:30 onward. The official part will end around 21:30.

The program is as follows:

  • 19:30 (in SIO room 8) Slow start with a drink, enjoy a slideshow of the development of the game, make connections with the other attendees.
  • 20:00 Welcome.
  • Talk about the development process of Find the Gnome 2.
  • Introduction of the other developers of Find the Gnome 2.
  • Demo of Find the Gnome 2 by Roan.
  • Brief cafĂ© break-out to get a drink & snack.
  • Official release at the party, on Steam & worldwide!
  • Time to play the game.

The location is SIO Zwolle. You can find their website over here: https://www.siozwolle.nl/

If you are going to attend, please use the contact form to give me notice of your arrival. That way I can be sure there are enough drinks and snacks for everyone.

Special offering: those who attend the release party can give 1 gnome in the game a personal name.

Published by Erik_de_Roos

Erik de Roos is a Freelance software developer.

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