Bi-weekly update 5

Dream coming true

My goal for my first year of being independent was to create a few games of my own and hopefully find 1 ‘real’ payed project. But I didn’t count on finding a payed project, especially not this early…

So I’m very happy to announce my first payed project! I’m in advanced negotiations to create a digital game related ‘thing’ for Escaperoom071 from Leiden (Netherlands).

It is for a 2 months payed project with some other developers, and I’m in for the whole network/backend part.

For me this is a dream coming true: being able to develop games and at the same time doing what I’m good at. It feels so natural and good at the same time to be responsible for backend stuff and make architectural decisions about how to start and where to head to. Apparently a lot of my experience does translate to game dev.

Business side

With my work at Strukton wrapped up, I’m free to start something new.
And the new thing is the above mentioned game project, that will run for 2 months. It also is for 32 hours/week so I can still spend time developing my personal game project with Bart.

In the previous update I mentioned that my motivation lacked. I think I have found the root of the issue: I have too many different things at hand. I think more people can relate to this, so here a bit more depth in what happend:

  • First of all I am a father and husband and I have a family to attent to. Due to COVID-19 the kids are @ home and a lot of the daily family business and household chores are now shared responsibilities to keep things manageable.
  • With me running a business now I have to do administration, acquisition, and define business goals.
  • The consultancy project at Strukton required 32 hours a week (excluding travel) and consumed a lot of my mental energy.
  • And because I want to get into gamedev I had to make sure every week contained some progress on gamedev too.

So my working weeks ranged from 60 up to 80 hours a week including travel, and is spread across at least 4 different types of responsibilities…
The ‘funny’ thing is I always thought this would not happen to me and I would make sure everything could fit in a 40 hours working week. Well, turns out that’s not easy to do if you are responsible for your own business and still have a lot to learn. It takes practice to become efficient at it 😛

Hopefully this focus on gamedev helps having more mental energy. And the project is on a remote position so way less travel is required. We’ll see.


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Thanks for reading, see you in 2 weeks!

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