Bi-Weekly update 10


There is not that much game related content for me to show currently, because our main seasonal holiday has landed and my kids are now at home for the coming 6 weeks.

All kind of interesting family activities are now taking place, from building a new shed for our bicycles in the garden to staying over at grandparents.

For me the holidays are an excellent time to reflect on life and to clean up some physical and mental stuff.

Digital escape wrap-up

So with the dust settling I can finally see some clear outlines.

I definitely think I need a vacation and get a bit less attached to my client’s projects. For me it is good to be concerned about the well-being of the total project but everyone has the right to have their own problems. I better not try to solve these problems for them, they have their own journey to complete.

My lesson is that I have to be able to work in projects with problems and alongside others, without the need to solve those problems. Yes I can help to make the issue more clear if they ask me to do so, but from there on it is their burden to carry.

One other thing I can do is to be more clear on my responsibilities and draw a clear line when I get the blame. I tend to react ’emotional’ by just talking like crazy, but that isn’t helping any party involved. I think it is better if I just state/verify the facts, and then retreat and allow myself to reflect on the issue and formulate a proper and well-thought out response.

Very few people are creative

Speaking of having the right on your own problems and life being miserable: I found a lot of great motivational people at the interwebs lately and I want to share a game-related insight with you.

This one is from Jordan Peterson. I find it easier to digest this lecture if you know where he comes from. For him, humans are destined (programmed/pre made) to function in a community and help their community with what they got. And if the human understands what he/she got and put it to good use, this human will enjoy life and be rewarded by the community with a fitting reward that encourages more.

I like that he goes from idea’s to being creative, but at the same time addresses the issue that it is very easy to get idea’s but to execute on it is harder and to be renown for it by the community is almost impossible.

On this time mark he shows a way to measure creative success.
I need hard frameworks like this to keep myself positive, because with time I degrade my doings and think less of them.

When I apply this on myself, I came quite some way with my game ‘Find the Gnome’. Because I didn’t only complete it and release it, but random people did buy this game and even did leave nice comments. Yes it was on Steam and yes It’s not that much of a prestigious platform to have a game on, but I think my creativity rating is currently at least a 2 and arguably a 3… and that is much more than zero.

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