21 – Other business

I have spend the past week working for the company ‘Tevent‘. They are a startup company based in the UK, currently in their first funding round and making an MVP. They are a platform for organizing events / conferences, but provide this completely online:


A new contract

With me working for them as a Freelance (business) software developer, I am able to fund my game development efforts.

I am very happy with this contract. They allow me to work on my advances software development skills because they use the beautiful Microsoft Service Fabric platform. They are a tech savvy company. So there is much emphasis on the use of the latest code practices, for instance next level C# 9 features.

My local development Service Fabric cluster

I love Gigs

In the weeks preceding this contract I had to work tirelessly to get a new contract. I tried a lot of my known contacts with software developers in the Netherlands but that did not work out. Eventually I got my ‘gig’ accounts up n running again on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, and there I had more success.

These international gigs nets me less revenue than the usual ‘local’ contracts, but they are much more flexible and way more suited for remote work. I like these international contracts, they suit my needs much better.

Back to game development

So when will I get back to development on my games? Well, it depends on two factors: 1) I have to replenish my financial buffers, and 2) Tevent has yet to launch their platform, so there is pressure to deliver.

I think I will be able to squeeze a few hours per week in when I am fully up to speed, probably end December. It always takes me a few weeks to acclimate and get my schedule aligned. And there are a lot of holidays in December with a lot of (exhausting) social stuff happening.

So, stay tuned! See you next week.

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Erik de Roos is a Freelance software developer.

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