24 Questionnaire results!

The results of the questionnaire are in! All of you want more game dev, so I am going to get my 1-hour-gamedev-a-day back in. Thanks for the answers!

The past 2 weeks I was still working hard on making money so I could support a few months off in the future to work on my games full time again. I have read a few interesting articles that I want to share with you in this blog. And on the end, the results of the questionnaire!

High quality budget marketing

Sometimes you come across someone that just seems to be good at his trade. This marketeer ‘Chris’ from https://howtomarketagame.com is such a person in my opinion. But there is a strangeness to his quality… he shares his insights for free!

His articles are all about applying his experience to real world samples, backed by a lot of data and the data analysis itself. See for instance this article on how to be smart in copying the marketing strategy of your competitors: https://howtomarketagame.com/2021/01/25/how-to-spy-on-your-competition/.

His down-to-earth approach is really inspiring to me. And his unconditional sharing of his insights is refreshing. I find myself temped by contacting him to do marketing on one of my games.

There is still place for new games

Sometimes I think by myself: wouldn’t be there a point in time that every possible game is invented? Every melody composed? Every painting painted?

I ran into 2 interesting stories on Reddit. They do show that there are still unexplored territories in gamedev. But at the same time, for these guys succeeding, a lot of others are failing.

So… pet simulators is going to be the next thing? Maybe I should create a garden simulator where you can place gnomes and watch it come to life in the evening? O my, others thought of that already

On the other hand, I came across a Sims clone lately. EA dropped the ball on ‘proper’ keeping up with this game, and now new games that do the same are enjoying a rich audience. Even reinventing games can be good business!

Questionnaire results

For those who where not able to do so, I have this form up where you can answer 3 questions to help me out. Very easy and quick to do.

Already 25% of my audience has answered. Friends, family, colleagues: thanks! You are by far my major supports. Over 50 people enjoy my content monthly already, but you are by far the most engaged, and thanks for giving something back to me!

With having said that, all(!!!) of you enjoy seeing me sharing my progress on game development. And half of you are interested in me sharing my experiences with running a business. Funny enough, non of you admit being a game developer yourself, but half of you like seeing tutorials about game dev. Interesting hehe.

So yeah, I have to get back on my game dev. I am still making money so I can fund a few dedicated months of game dev again. But your support for me means a lot to me, your answers gave me new energy! So I will put my daily game dev hour back in use so I work at least 1 hour a day on game dev.

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