Find the Gnome 2 Demo is out now!

The Find the Gnome 2 Demo is out now on Steam!

The Find the Gnome 2 demo is available starting today, and this article contains everything you need to jump into the action.

This demo version will be available alongside the full version from now on. And keep up with the updates on the full version.
It features 4 levels from the full version.

You play this game by looking for the gnomes, clicking on objects to find hidden gnomes, and if you see a gnome running click on it to send out your helper to catch the gnome.
A gameplay trick is to click on the object the gnome is heading to, so that it has to stop and redirect course, and thus buys time for you helper to catch this gnome.

Find the Gnome 2 is built for playing with mouse and keyboard, or with gamepad. The gamepad uses a virtual mouse to mimic mouse movement.
The camera controls from a top-down perspective and rotates around a certain position on the level that is bound within the level bounds.
If you have difficulties controlling the game, post a message on the Steam board or contact me on Discord. I am gathering input to tune the controls and camera movement and give the ability for multiple input settings so that it plays flawlessly. The SteamDeck control set is currently problematic, so I advise you to play this on other platforms.

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