49 Work and such

Time flies when you are having fun! Past 4 weeks I went to Gamescom 2022, and just before that, we had the demo launch of Find the Gnome 2.

Back 2 work

These months are always strange months. One moment you are out on holidays, next moment you are back in the 9-to-5 rhythm with kids attending school.

For me, these months are more intense than normally. On the end of Juli, I got a notice that my consultancy job at Topicus is coming to an end. However, they asked me to join another team in the remaining time, and help out with an important project. So I had the pleasure to quickly adapt to my new team (like a real consultant lol), and get this project up to speed.

This new project is expected to deliver on 1th of October. I am the main engineer and analist at the same time. The team helps out with project management, testing and quality assurance. And this is an upgrade on an existing system, so they need to maintain this solution afterwards.

But hey, change of scenery! This is always something I enjoy. I also added a month of rest afterwards, between this job and the next one. So that’s also something I like working towards.

Find the Gnome 2

A progress update on Find the Gnome: I have been working on getting as much of the content ready for the final game. 9 of the 12 levels are ready now. And 8 of the 9 cartoon sequences are ready by now.

There is still a lot of finishing touches left to do. Like I said in earlier blogs, I need to do rework on the tutorial and on the controls. But I also need to do a revision of the levels, to make sure the content is engaging and of high enough quality.

The final release is planned in December. That’s 16 weeks from now, 3 months.

I think the game is on track with all the stuff coming together now. All levels will be finished by December. Tutorial and control stuff will be fixed by then. Maybe the level revisions aren’t completed by then, but that’s okay if that isn’t perfect on launch date. Its always nice to do a content update after release, to show that I am caring about my games.

That’s all for today!

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