Work In Progress, v0.4

The current version that is being worked on, version 0.4, is going strong. This blogpost will give some details about what’s in it.

The focus of v0.4 is adding more story and meaning to the game.
I am very pleased with the results so far, it really adds up:

  • Total revamp of the main menu: It now shows a 3D map of The Netherlands with the locations you can visit (levels) as 3D UI elements.
  • Integrated story: this menu with the 3D map is the in-between for levels. It contains story text sequences and story driven level unlocks.
  • New game types distinction
    • Story mode with a real ‘Where’s Wally’ feeling: try finding that one gnome that’s different from the others. A slow-pace gamemode that uses story text sequences to introduce the game and to add background to it.
    • Hide-n-seek mode: the original ‘catch them’ gameplay but with a more arcade feeling. This mode builds on and reinforces the mechanics introduced in the story. The pace of this mode is much higher than the one in story mode.
  • Different gnomes have now different behaviors. Walking around, talking to each other, reacting to you. These behaviors will give the levels a more vibrant and alive feeling.

There is still lots of work to do get these new mechanics right. But the framework of this update is already standing strong.

A important note is that all these improvements build on the experience of the many testers that have tested this game for me. Thank you all!

The official v0.4 update will arrive on the 25th of April.

Published by Erik_de_Roos

Erik de Roos is a Freelance software developer.

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