Bi-Weekly update 13

New content

As a solo game developer I have to make stuff happen across a broad range of expertise’s. That is not easy as a specialist. And I think a lot of small (starting) business have these issues. So that is why I want to share my practices.

I did some website analyzing past 2 weeks. This article came out of that: Your website, worth the effort? If you have a small website and try to reach out to your customers, please give it a read and comment how it was helpful to you or how I can improve articles like this in the future.

A picture from the article displaying real traffic data from 2020

I created something else last week. A tutorial ‘Azure DevOps Unity3D pipeline‘ about using CI/CD for Unity3D game development, using the Microsoft stack. I tried using Jenkins in January this year to achieve the same, but that didn’t work out. So that is why I created one using Azure DevOps and I’m quite satisfied with the results.

The tutorial video from the article

In the future I will give you more insight in my toolings used. But I need some time to accumulate positive and negative experience’s so I can give a balanced insight in my game dev related development tools and practices.


August is a special month for my family: my wife, 1 child and I celebrate our birthday that month.

Due to COVID-19 we had to spread the ‘load’ so we had a full week of eating cake each day.

Not much else

Beside creating the content for the website and attending to birthday parties there was not much time left.

I did some code optimizations on Manage the Universe and added a few background-computing things but that was all. Nothing visual to show…

Next update I promise I share some nice early gameplay!

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