Bi-Weekly update 14

Manage the Universe

Two weeks of hard work have gone into ‘Manage the Universe’. I wanted to get a visual stimulating progress to show to you my readers… but instead I ended up creating a lot of code and doing a few sessions on game design.

I’m getting an idea of what I want with the visual side of the game. Creating this on my own isn’t in my set of ability so I have called in on the mighty power of the internet to assist me… in getting some nice things from the asset store!

These assets will be used in the alpha I plan on releasing November this year. I don’t know if they will be in the end product: that will depend on how well it works.

Another interesting thing I did was asking Reddit about my game design. I got a lot of useful responses. The main issue pointed out was that there is no ‘core game mechanic’.

So I did a lot of thinking and rework on the game design. And I decided to get the scope of the game smaller to be able to deliver something worthwhile end 2020.

While working on the design I realized a lot of the game’s pacing is depended on progression. So my main focus currently is to get an interesting tech tree that will allow for a gradual pacing but at the same time get that sci-fi vibe of endless exploration and endless possibilities.

One thing I learned while getting a tech tree together is that I needed to work backwards: In a game a tech unlocks an ability, but as a designer I have to think about the pacing I want to achieve and then work backwards what that implies for the available techs.

An idea of where I am currently at with the early stage gameplay:

‘Manage the Universe’ early game progression on

And that is it for this update! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and know a bit more about what it takes to make a game.

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Erik de Roos is a Freelance software developer.

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