19 – Having fun modelling

I have been working on 2 complementary things at the same time: improving my modelling skills and finding a suiting art style for Manage the Universe.

I love the process of modelling with Blender, it is really satisfying for me. And I find it easy to get myself to work on modelling, so I that is a good indication that I might be able to pull off a content rich game.

On the finding of an art style: this one is difficult. The amount of polygons or the color schemes don’t appear to matter so much. I tried to find a satisfying result while working in blender with changing model poly count, texture color maps and scene composition. But feels not right. I need the whole picture. So I think I have to get this into Unity and add more things like animation, direct and indirect lighting, and other effects.

So I did some more modelling. A few trees for the nature side of things, and eventually a few planetary bodies for the galaxy overview.

It is with these planetary bodies that I imported them into Unity and tried to get a good looking composition. So I created an actionblock and added a sun (with light effects) and rotating bodies (planets) around it:

I like this fiddling in Unity: with this being in the engine I know if it works I can pull this off, unlike animating stuff in Blender and hoping it compares when imported in Unity.

By the way, there are a few improvements I could think of. First of all the sun has to be bright yellow, than I have to find something better than these 2 point lights currently in the sun, and of course adding clouds & atmosphere on the planets. But what do you think I could do to improve this scene?

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