31 At work

First a shout-out to Jonathan: Stay strong!

Last 2 weeks I have created this fancy pancy Unity build to Steam pipeline. Finally, the whole pipe is now ready! So easy to get new updates to Steam now.

And I did some small updates to Find the Gnome itself, like an improved UI.

Find the Gnome – Update

The video fragment of this blog is about that latest update on Find the Gnome.

While the past 2 weeks didn’t add that much functionality, the last video was from 4 weeks ago. So now I can show a lot of improvements like: improved UI, sounds, and the tutorial puzzle level!

New pipeline

I am so happy with my new release pipe. It now builds a QA version (with debug interface), 1 ‘production’ version for 3 targets (PC, Mac, Linux), and uploads this all to Steam.

Find the Gnome improved build pipe

There are still a few things on my wishlist to add to this pipe. But for now this is sufficient. Its pushing the content to my ‘beta’ channel on Steam and that is what matters the most!

Upcoming Unity to Steam CI/CD pipe video

I am working on a video of this pipe. I know a lot of people get onto my website because of the Unity –> Jenkins or Unity –> Azure DevOps video’s I made. And I like tinkering with this CI/CD stuff, so helping you all out with making a video of it is something I really like to do.

Previously I created big video’s like this in 2 or 3 consecutive days with 8 to 10 hours of work going into it. I am not that good in writing a good script, video editing and voice overs. This always felt like moving a mountain.

This time I want to do it in little pieces at a time. Getting a game out and working on my consultancy job is prio 1 for me, producing a CI/CD video is secondary. With this new approach I hope to make it more for for me and at the same time make it so I can stay producing Find the Gnome content at the same time time.

The result is that the video will now take a few weeks to make, but that is only good because its production quality will be a lot better and more consistent without the time pressure.

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