46 Demo is close

The demo is very near to release. Finally!

If you want a sneak peak watch this post from 2 weeks ago.


Finally, my list of things to do before releasing the demo is getting manage-able.

Past weeks I completed reworks on levels 3.1 and 4.2. For 3.1 that is the ‘village’ theme level for the demo, 4.2 is the ‘city’ theme level for the demo. Added small puzzles (machines to fix), reworked some level layout issues for more interesting searching of gnomes, added a more granular difficulty to make earlier levels more easy to play (and thus start with), and a ton of other fixes.

Still some replay-ability issues that I have to fix before the demo launches. Thats the most important gameplay thing that is left to be fixed.

And I have still a whole backlog of menu systems to work on. Achievements is a major part of that. But also a lot of accessibility issues, like key remapping, enabling controllers or touch input, graphical options, etc. Even a main menu is still not in the game.

Regarding the menu systems, I think I will launch the demo with a limited set of features. Achievement UI will be disabled, but achievements will be collected in the background.


A demo release in 1 month is currently my plan.

After that, I will continue on completing the 12 levels in total. Add the menu systems (and retroactively update the demo with it too).

It will take at least another 3 months after the demo release to do a first full version release. So a December release would be the first viable date for a full release (that you can buy) on Steam.

I will keep you updated. See you next time!

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Erik de Roos is a Freelance software developer.

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