Find the Gnome 2 – v2.1.12 build

This v2.1.12 build is a part of the major upcoming update. I couldn’t wait to bring you Steam achievements so I released this early.


  • Steam achievements: all in-game achievements are now also visible on Steam. Go hunt that rare achievement and display it on your Steam profile!
  • Retroactive Steam achievement unlocks: Just start your game and after a few sec you will see your achievements you worked hard for sync up with the Steam achievements. That’s some real gnome tinkering at work there!

Other fixes

  • Gnome names: 10 to 15 gnomes have names now, try look for them in the levels. Can you find them? You can see the name when you catch the gnome. These names were provided by people that attended the release party.
  • Bugfix: in some situations gnomes didn’t properly detect that they were in full view and should have start running to a better hiding place. I taught them how to not mix up the y and z coordinates of their locations and that fixed the issue.

For those that want to know where their gnome ended up:

  • Freße – first tutorial, level 1.10
  • Desiderius – second tutorial, level 1.11
  • Gnomeo – third tutorial, level 1.12
  • Pinkeltjedinkie – end of the tutorial, level 1.13
  • Shinty – the second forest level, level 1.2
  • Derrik – the third forest level, level 1.3
  • Eikoo – the second farm level, level 2.2
  • Pimpi – the second village level, level 3.2
  • Moldydoldy – the first city level, level 4.1
  • Pferdi – the second city level, level 4.2
  • Pinkel – the third city level, level 4.3

By the way, I see that I forgot to post here on my blog that I did the v2.1.7 build release on Steam on the 11th of January. You can find those notes here. Included some major stability fixes.

The following stuff is scheduled to be added as part of that ‘major update’ that is coming the following weeks:

  • The level 3.2 gets an overhaul on its looks and mechanics.
  • Collectible art that you can unlock. These are a reward for finding the ‘floating scroll’ collectible collections. And they will show you concept art and such about the game building process.
  • The main menu is still a bit empty. There is no title, no version number, no credits. So I want to add those to make it a more fun experience.
  • I think I need to make some collectibles more easy to find. Especially in the city, these are extremely hard to spot.

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