Bi-Weekly update 12

Manage the Universe

I have been working on Manage the Universe for a few weeks now, and I am still in the prototype phase. A few idea’s are getting more refined during this process, so that is what I want to show you today.

This gif starts with the ‘starsystem overview’ or so called ‘level 3 view’ and when the planet gets selected, we move over to the ‘planet regional view’ or ‘level 2 view’.

Manage the Universe - Prototype - 2020 08 07
Manage the Universe – Prototype – 2020 08 07

The idea is that on level 2 you get to a Civilizations like overview and manage the world by interacting with these tiles and expand cities and corporations on them.

These tiles on level 2 are fed with a historical and geological history system that will decide their state and their progress. So on getting to a world for the first time, you can encounter already developed cities based on the history of the world and the history of the inhabited race.

These tiles are ‘districts’ that you are able to explore on a level 1 view with your character. So next to do would be to make a level 1 view where you can actually get down to this planet and walk around in the cities / deserts / woods.

Other stuff

There is not much else to report.

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