Bi-Weekly update 17

Manage the Universe

Last update I wanted to create a holographic view of the second world detail level. But I would not be me if I worked on something else. I had a hard time determining how it should look like so I decided to let the idea mature a bit more.

Asking for a buddy

What I ended up doing was asking Reddit to help me out again. This time more serious: I asked for a game dev buddy. That is because while determining where to work on I realized I was doing a lot of work on my own and I need someone to talk to. I need someone to mirror my behavior and help structure the thoughts I have.

I got an overwhelming and heartwarming response. A lot of people can relate to the issues I have with finding like minded people in these COVID times. It is hard to work from home, alone.

Core game loop

‘buddy’ game designer CALSYTHE took the limited information I gave him and turned them into a core game loop. This is a major step: it means that all needed components are already in place and they have the potential to work together to create a working game.

This is what the core game loop looks like:

God games

Another game designer that contacted me on the Reddit post did send me this video. It is about the ‘god game’ type of game where you use indirect controls to let people do stuff.

Well, after watching this game I found out that I did not want my game to be a pure ‘god’ game. Yes the ‘god’ mechanics is a fun one, and yes I think I will use it partially. But more as a secondary mechanic than the main one. This is a game and I want the player to have more direct control over stuff than in real life, to enhance the power fantasy.

A ‘god’ mechanic I would like to implement is one where your environment makes their own decisions independent of you. But they still use your ‘set way’ or ‘blueprint’ to subconsciously guide their decisions.

And yeah power is relative, it is the contradiction that makes you feel the power. So I know I need some helplessness in the game to emphasize the power. But that could be naturally achieved by adding stuff you really don’t control (even in real life never ever) like love/adoration/faith.


Identity and the search for identity is something many people can relate to. With me having a real ‘business’ I have had a few boosts in my own search for identity.

One of my latest findings is how to align all of my identities and get 1 ‘backing’ personality out of it. So me being a father, me being a lover, me being a software engineer, being an Indi game dev, me playing computer games, etc. Getting all these identities together will solve a lot of contradictory feelings and energy drains. The main thing I discovered is what my inner child is a ‘manly energetic problem solver that really likes to fiddle with stuff on his own’. So next on the to-do list is to align more of the things I do to match up with this profile, and to find out how I can implement an (emotionally) mature version of this inner child.

A concrete example of this is that I am making decisions about how I would like to shape the future of the company GameFeelings if things take off. This is not about dreaming of a future, but it is really needed if I want to take running a company seriously, as said by Joakim Achrén from elite game developers. I follow his blogs for a while now and I am subscribed to his mailing list, and there he speaks a lot about how to found game companies and still enjoy your work as the founder even when things change. It comes all down to deciding on identity and always aligning the things you do and plan to do with your identity.


I think the long time readers of my blog figured this out already, but I am very good at procrastination. I think it has something to do with my ADHD as explained in this YouTube video.

Procrastination could be a bad thing and I usually interpret it as a bad thing, however I am on a discovery that most of the time there is an underlying issue that can act as a signal on things that are not working out. For instance, me not wanting to start working on the level 1 and level 2 is more an issue of knowing that I can’t deliver on the art, animation and effects. And that relates more to having issues with a time deadline than that I don’t believe in me being able to learn some sufficient basic skills.

So yeah I am currently wondering if I am going to make the game I want and take the time it needs, or to just push for it…

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