23 – Redefinition of GameFeelings

Hello and welcome to this blog! The past few weeks I have been working on a couple of new concepts. One of which is Crowdkans.nl, a concept of a friend of mine. And I got a few personal and very insightful lessons from a great Dutch marketeer called TopPresentatie. I will be exploring these andContinue reading “23 – Redefinition of GameFeelings”

2020, A very fruitful year

2020 was for me a very rewarding year. I started freelancing on the 1st of January, and tried to pursue both a career in Game Dev and Software Dev at the same time. This blog is a look-back at what 2020 has brought me and has taught me. Where to start I had this ideaContinue reading “2020, A very fruitful year”

Prototype phase 2

Product development is a hard thing to do. It is so easy to want to go too fast. The reasons don’t matter: if you don’t have enough information on your product and its market yet, you are in for a bumpy ride if you push through. I know all this stuff from business software development,Continue reading “Prototype phase 2”

Bi-Weekly update 17

Manage the Universe Last update I wanted to create a holographic view of the second world detail level. But I would not be me if I worked on something else. I had a hard time determining how it should look like so I decided to let the idea mature a bit more. Asking for aContinue reading “Bi-Weekly update 17”

Bi-Weekly update 2

Release of Gearful Play this game for free in your webbrowser on Itch.io: https://gamefeelings.itch.io/gearful As you might have noticed on the GameFeeling socials: Gearful has been launched. I am really thankful for everyone helping, like Ben and Tom (Auroriax) during the globalgamejam in January this year, Ben for motivating to continue developing, and Tom forContinue reading “Bi-Weekly update 2”

Bi-Weekly update – 1

Progress on: Gearful We have decided to give Gearful a finishing touch, fix some low hanging fruit, and bring the game to Android (mobile). ‘Gearful’ is a game that Tom, Ben and I made during the GlobalGameJam last Januari. Things that have been taken care of past 2 weeks are: level management, mobile UI, dependencyContinue reading “Bi-Weekly update – 1”

GameFeelings is official now

As of 1 January 2020 GameFeelings is an official Dutch registered company. I, Erik de Roos, have quite my job to give GameFeelings dedicated time. This website has had an overhaul to support the new course for GameFeelings. The main products are: experiments/academic research, games (from experiments), blog posts (about the experiments/research) The main productContinue reading “GameFeelings is official now”

Time flies, how to sustain the fun

I am planning on adding a big update to Find the Gnome for over a year now. But life isn’t letting me, so I’m going to cheat. The promise The idea was simple: bring out Find the Gnome, and then add continues updates to it. Increasing (or maintaining) it’s value. I had invested a lotContinue reading “Time flies, how to sustain the fun”

I have changed

“I have changed, and I really like my new self.” This line could be from a self-help blog or another source of talk-to-the-mouth style information source.But no, it is really here on this blog on games of GameFeelings. I will give you an insight in my latest discoveries on how to better manage yourself whenContinue reading “I have changed”