Bi-Weekly update 2

Release of Gearful

Play this game for free in your webbrowser on

As you might have noticed on the GameFeeling socials: Gearful has been launched. I am really thankful for everyone helping, like Ben and Tom (Auroriax) during the globalgamejam in January this year, Ben for motivating to continue developing, and Tom for advising on the game design.

It was supposed to launch on google playstore too but due to the google reviewing process being delayed by Corona the release is where you can start playing. So head over to and start playing! (Ps. even Roan did design a puzzle, can you spot it?)

Next: collaboration

With Gearful released it is time to move to the next challenge: collaboration with the great artist Bart Metselaar and finding out if we are able to inspire each other and create a great game together.

Bart Metselaar and me (Erik de Roos) go way back. We even tried starting up a game project 18 years ago. In the coming weeks I will post an article with a background on Bart, and the updates on the socials will be part mine and part Bart’s.

The base idea is to get a worthy game out in 3 months, approximately in June 2020.
We will keep you updated on our collaboration!

Business side: corona

Currently things are going well with me on the business side. My freelance job is at Strukton, doing work on all kind of transportation stuff, so they are marked as an ‘essential’ part. And in addition to that, my job can be performed from home quite well and I have already everything in place to be efficient at it.

On the other side, I spot some opportunities too. With everybody at home now over almost the whole world, the popularity of gaming is increasing rapidly. I think a lot of game companies want all hands on board to get new games out while there is so much demand for it. Maybe this is an opportunity for me to get a part-time freelance job in the industry?


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Thanks for reading, see you in 2 weeks!

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