Bi-Weekly update 2

Release of Gearful Play this game for free in your webbrowser on As you might have noticed on the GameFeeling socials: Gearful has been launched. I am really thankful for everyone helping, like Ben and Tom (Auroriax) during the globalgamejam in January this year, Ben for motivating to continue developing, and Tom forContinue reading “Bi-Weekly update 2”

Bi-Weekly update – 1

Progress on: Gearful We have decided to give Gearful a finishing touch, fix some low hanging fruit, and bring the game to Android (mobile). ‘Gearful’ is a game that Tom, Ben and I made during the GlobalGameJam last Januari. Things that have been taken care of past 2 weeks are: level management, mobile UI, dependencyContinue reading “Bi-Weekly update – 1”