44 Optimize workflows in Unity

Good news: a new video on my game development process! I know a few of my loyal readers really like the development side of game development, and like to know how I approach development. For them: Enjoy this new video! And of course, the regular updates on Find the Gnome 2. With the demo releaseContinue reading “44 Optimize workflows in Unity”

42 War… War never changes

This time not a video to start with, but some important announcements. If you find it hard to read through the moody stuff fist: keep reading, I end on positive notes. Ukrainian modeller Important things first: I work together with 2 modellers. One of them comes from Ukraine. He is safe right now and inContinue reading “42 War… War never changes”

39 Release date

Finally I have found ’my flow’ and I am now pumping out content like crazy. A large part of that is a feasible goal, my release plan. Another thing in this blog is the new Find the Gome gameplay video. Its shows a few interesting new things. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride! VideoContinue reading “39 Release date”

38 Doing ‘things’

Most of the past 4 weeks was working on ‘providing for the family’ on my main job. But I managed to pull off some interesting pieces of code. And the guys that help me with the models did their part too… but that’s for another time. This blog is about a few code things andContinue reading “38 Doing ‘things’”